Tech start up opportunities with unearthed oil reserves

Tech start up opportunities with unearthed oil reserves. We have some in our possession that we’re trying to exploit to increase our oil production,” said Tony Kornfield, chairman of Exploration & Production Capital, an investment firm.

The investment has caused concern for some environmentalists concerned about the prospect of large projects such as Shell’s plans to develop and develop the oil sands, particularly because of the large amoun더킹카지노ts of fossil fuels and land resources that could우리카지노 be lost to climate change.

In an email to Bloomberg News, an Exploration & Production Capital spokesman said Shell’s company board of directors approved the transaction.

“Shell Petroleum Canada has been engaged in extensive exploratory work on the site,” said Steve Smith, an spokesman for the company. “However, the board’s action does not alter current plans to develop the oil sands and the company does not anticipate doing so.”

In January, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said a Canadian firm’s deal to acquire an 80 percent stake in an exploration company in northern Alberta would provide more oil resources for oil sands development that were “unprecedented” in North America.

Shell shares rose about 3 percent to더킹카지노 C$36.56 at 5:49 p.m. in Canada.