Abc learning to close 55 centres, with the most recent report due in 2019

Abc learning to close 55 centres, with the most recent report due in 2019

An education report has suggested t용인출장안마he UK is being prepared to close up to 55 schools and colleges over the next five years, with schools receiving a £1.5bn cut across England’s schools.

The report b서산안마y the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), which is based on research from the Osmonds Foundation, said it was “inconceivable” that the number of schools and colleges could be reduced to 25 by the end of this Parliament, after the funding is raised to maintain national education standards.

It said the Government was attempting to save £8bn for schools over five years and could raise up to £20bn a year by reducing the number of schools.

The IEA report noted a significant shift in the educational landscape since the last report. From the start of the 2010-11 school year, there were 38,000 fewer schools in England, with a further 14,000 fewer for England and Wales. In the new funding formula for schools, those number would be reduced from 34,000 to 13,500.

It added that the cost of closing schools was “currently equivalent to the whole of England’s overall education budget”.

The number of schools closing has risen by 45% since 2010 to 990, a drop of more than 200% from 617 when the온라인카지노 last report was commissioned.

The Office for Budget Responsibility said that the impact of closures would be “significant and difficult to predict”.

It said: “The current financial situation also favours school closure, which means there is a risk that at least 4,600 schools will close before 2017-18 in England and Wales.”

In the report, Professor Sir Anthony Seldon, of the EEA, said the situation was even worse in England for schools with students with disabilities who make up only a minority of pupils. The loss of these schools, he said, would lead to fewer children with disabilities studying at these schools.

“Some of these closures are likely to be carried out by other parts of the system, for example by expanding early years or by closing smaller schools or academies that are not yet in the education market,” the report said. “This will not always be successful, but these potential closures will almost certainly be one of the major impacts on education and its potential workforce of the next five years.”

“There would be some potential for further school closings, including, in the case of children with special needs, a retur